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Tax and Fiscal

Grade: B

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Energy and Environment

Grade: B-

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Law and Scope of Government

Grade: C+

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Workforce and Labor

Grade: B+

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Grade: A-

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Individual Liberties

Grade: B+

An analysis of Christie’s record shows a generally strong commitment to limited government principles surrounding individual liberties. As Governor, Christie vetoed multiple attempts by the legislature to weaken 2nd Amendment rights and issued an executive order to review unnecessarily state regulatory burdens and delays surrounding firearm purchases and permitting. While also strong on sports betting, Christie has a record of deviating away from limited government principles through overreaching regulations on tobacco and alcohol.





S 359 Tobacco Age (2017)

Signed a Bill Weakening Individual Liberties by Hiking the Nicotine Age from 18 to 21.


A 3689 Firearms (2016)

Vetoed a Bill Requiring a “Justified Need” to Carry a Handgun in Order to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights.


Executive Order #180 (2015)

Strengthened Second Amendment Rights by Creating a Commission to Review State Actions that Delay Firearm Purchases and Permitting.


A 3580 Powdered Alcohol (2015)

Signed a Bill Infringing Individual Liberties by Banning the Sale of Powdered Alcohol.


S 2460 Sports Wagering (2014)

Signed a Bill Strengthening Individual Liberties by Legalizing Sports Betting.


A 2006 Ammunition Magazines (2014)

Vetoed a Ban on Ammunition Magazines that Hold Above 10 Rounds in Order to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights.

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Grade: A-

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Grade: C-

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Local and National Security

Grade: C+

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Free Speech and Elections

Grade: A

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